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TeleConsulting with Flow by Televet

Remote Consulting for Current Clients

North East Farm & Family Mobile Veterinary Service, LLC has been on the road for nearing 10 years. We had not figured out how to be multiple places at the same time as needs arise last minute until technology evolved and created an app for that.

Over the recent years the need for remote access to veterinary care has grown and thankfully the technology has evolved, as well, becoming easier to navigate while becoming more robust in its capabilities.  What does this mean for you?

This means as a current client, with Flow by Televet, you can connect with Dr. Pearson for scheduled consults from the comfort of your own home, barn, trailer, yacht or spaceship (forgive the little joke).   You can do all of this without having to download an app.  Simply, use the pop up box on the home page of our website to start your request.

Flow by Televet is American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) approved and specially designed for veterinary consultation. We can send messages back and forth, trade pictures, diagnostic results and  even video chat about animal health! How cool is that?! The conversations can then be transferred securely into your animals medical record.

This magical medical connection is the most affordable, user friendly and AVMA approved tool we have to see our current patients at short notice.

To stay in compliance with AVMA guidelines and provide the best service possible here are the rules.


1. If we have not put boots on the ground at your residence or seen the animal needing consult in the past 365 days we cannot do a Televet Consult. It is the law, end of story. Please don't ask us and make us have to say "NO".

2. Phone/Video Consults do require an appointment.  We will schedule as best we can to accommodate. (Text Consults do not require an appt and are answered within 24-48 hours)

3. Televet is not monitored outside business hours.  It is NOT suitable for emergencies after hours. For AFTER HOURS LARGE ANIMAL EMERGENCIES Call - 207-464-8595

4. For Urgent Requests during business hours, it is BEST TO CALL the office.  Teleconsulting may still be an option, but for your pets well-being a call to triage is most effective.

5. We cannot talk you through medical procedures like surgeries, dehorning, disbudding, castration etc. There are many reasons legal and ethical this will not be done. Please don't ask us and make us have to say "NO".

6. PLEASE DO schedule a consult for recheck/follow-up appointments, conversations about minor concerns, first aid, nutrition, management strategy and triaging issues. WE ARE HERE TO HELP and we are excited to use Televet to help provide it.


1. What will I be charged for this service?

There are 3 service levels for New Issues.  Prices range from $20-$75. Rates are subject to change.  Current rates will always be listed in the request form.

2. Will I always be charged when I use Televet?

No. If you have a question needing to clarify something from a recent appointment we do not charge for this service.

3. What happens if my consult changes to an appointment?

If your animals condition results in the booking of an emergency appointment during the consultation 50% of the consultation fee will be credited to the appointment invoice.



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