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Helpful Links

North East Farm & Family Mobile Veterinary Service, LLC is always on the look out for the next best thing. We like to be in the know about the latest and greatest animal care options as well as fun facts.

Please check out a few below!

Understanding USDA Permanent ID

What is Permanent ID?

Where do I get a Premis ID?

How do I get a Scrapie ID?

Where can I get ID?

Microchips for Livestock

Equine Vaccine Recommendations

Should I Vaccinate Against Strangles?

AAEP Vaccine Guidelines

New & Interesting Things

BioWorma Dewormer

CDC Coronavirus Guidelines

HEIRO Supplement for IR Equines

End of Life Transition Planning

How Do I Know When?

Doughty Falls Pet Crematorium

Benson Brook Pet Crematorium

Compassionate Composting

Final Gift Grief Support Manuals

Mainely Urns

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