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Payment & Policy

Credit Card


Payment is due at the time of service.  We accept cash, credit cards or checks (with a valid ID on file). We can provide you with an estimated cost of services during your visit.  We cannot give an estimate over the phone for non-routine procedures without seeing the animal(s).  This includes dental procedures for equines.

We offer financing for advanced or routine procedures through Scratch Pay.  We do not do in-house payment plans outside of this.  A $35.00 returned check fee plus any additional fees incurred are added automatically to the account balance. In the event a check is returned, no further checks will be accepted and payment by cash or credit card will be required before services are rendered in the future. We understand things happen but we appreciate excellent communication on these matters.


Animal Identification Requirements

Per federal law, all livestock must be identified by USDA approved permanent ID. The purpose of these laws is to allow for animal disease traceability and to protect the US food supply.


This means a USDA shield tag, tattoos with matching registration papers or an ISO 840 microchip.

Information about these rules can be found by  clicking these links:

USDA Animal Traceability Act

USDA Animal ID Policy

NEFFVET can help you with your animal ID needs! Please note that regulatory testing (Brucellosis, TB) and  Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) needed for interstate travel cannot be issued without USDA approved ID in place.


Please have an ID plan in place on your farm so NEFFVET can provide you with speedy and efficient services. We are here to help and make things as easy as possible.

Filling Prescription

Telemedicine & Prescription Requests

We cannot provide you with services without meeting you and examining your animal. It is the law, please do not ask us to break it.

When you get an animal, making sure your new friend receives all appropriate treatment and services is vital to their overall health and happiness. Cell phone pictures are handy but not the best way to determine a diagnosis or direct treatment. Verbal descriptions are helpful but not everyone looks at an issue the same way and key pieces of information can be left out unknowingly. 


We cannot legally offer any medical advice, especially over the phone for a case we have not seen. We also cannot authorize a prescription for a condition we haven't diagnosed for an animal we have not seen. While this may be very frustrating, the law is there to aid in preventing malpractice and protect animal welfare.


No one wants to intentionally harm an animal, even when the intentions are good misinformation can prove deadly. Please help us protect and help animals with good communication and allowing us to examine your animals to provide the best recommendations possible.

Special Requirements for Cattle:
Cattle must be appropriately handled.  We require safe handling facilities such as a head gate or chute in order to do a thorough exam, give injections of medication, vaccine or to conduct any surgery.  Yes, we have a dart gun, but it is not the best or cheapest way to provide care for your animals.

Practice Policies: Text

Home Euthanasia

Companion Animal End of Life Care

Electing home euthanasia as part of an end of life care plan can be a good option for your dog or cat. We recommend planning your pet's end of life transition in advance when the time is near so that this difficult process can go as smoothly as possible.  

To schedule and make the necessary arrangements for your pet, new non-established clients/patients must provide the most recent rabies vaccine certificate and all prior records for review.  

If your regular veterinarian documents the recommendation for end of life care, we do not require an exam. If this recommendation has not been made and documented in your pet's medical records, we require an exam to determine if end of life care is the best course of action.  Alternative treatments may be recommended upon examination.  Dr. Pearson wants the best for your dog or cat and she reserves the right to decline euthanasia services based on exam findings. 

We can provide guidance on appropriate end of life after care as well and can help connect you with options for burial and cremation.

We require a Deposit of $400 paid in advance of the appointment for home end of life care. If the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice  the deposit will be refunded less a cancellation fee of $150. 

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