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Veterinary Client-Patient Relationship

FDA mandated

AVMA mandated

State mandated, regulated and inforced



One or more in person, on farm where applicable, routine visit and examination every 12 months that adheres to the parameters of the NEFFVET VCPR Statement.

Important Notes:

Out of hours emergency care requires a valid VCPR.

Prescriptions require a valid VCPR

NEFFVET Veterinary-Client Patient Relationship

We want to make the VPCR we have with our clients one of trust and understanding.

NEFFVET Veterinary Client Patient Relationship Statement

The Veterinary Client-Patient Relationship, VCPR, is the legally mandated basis for the interaction between the veterinarian, clients and their patients. This vital relationship is paramount for providing quality care and upholding animal welfare by allowing the veterinarian to regularly assess animal patient environmental and physical status and to communicate regularly with the animal owner- the client.

Establishment of the VCPR means:

  • The veterinarian has assumed responsibility for making medical judgements regarding the health of the animal patient including the need for medical treatment. The animal owner/client has agreed to comply fully with the veterinarian’s instructions.

  • The veterinarian has sufficient knowledge of the animal patient to initiate a preliminary diagnosis of the medical condition. Meaning, the veterinarian has physically examined the patient within the past 12 months during a regularly scheduled non emergent appointment. Additionally, should an animal patient possess a condition or need for recurring therapy such as with controlled substances, the care is conducted within the prescribed guidelines.

  • The veterinarian is available for ongoing care of the patient or has arranged for emergency coverage or continuing care and treatment of the animal by an appropriate veterinary professional or veterinary referral center.

  • The veterinarian maintains comprehensive medical records indicating the assessment, treatment plan to allow for another veterinarian to provide continuity of care should the need arise.

  • The client has agreed to pay their account balance at the time of service.

  • Telehealth/consults may be utilized to benefit the VCPR, but only with the context of a previously established physical examination within the past calendar year or sooner as deemed appropriate by the veterinarian befitting the scenario. Telehealth/consults are an aid to the VCPR in the diagnosis, formation of the treatment plan and prescribing only.

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