Events and Announcements

Buck Collection October 20th, 2019

North East Farm & Family Mobile Veterinary Service, LLC is proud to be hosting a bio-secure conscious buck collection October 20th, 2019 at MapleStone Farm in Acton, Maine.

The buck collection will include fertility exams as part of its aim in preserving and promoting quality product. All samples obtained will be professionally analyzed pre and post thaw with industry software with the option to be added to the database for post thawing proof of progressive motility/quality.  We request a CAE/CL/Johnes test within the past 6 months completed by an accredited lab.


Processed semen: $5.00 per straw, 10 straw minimum

No-freeze fee: $65 *includes fertility exam

Buck sanitary clip/clean if not presented as such : $150.00* dirt in the equipment can result in costly repairs to analyzer equipment and result in poor product- PLEASE make sure your buck has been belly clipped and cleaned before presenting for collection.

We offer pre paid tank storage contracts if you do not have a storage tank. $10/month per cane (10 straws).

To reserve your slot email neffvet@gmail.com and submit a non refundable $50 straw printing deposit (up to 100 straws).